How to get rid of chapped lips for a better application of lip products

Have you ever put on a lip product; looked in the mirror and saw a bunch of dry skin on your lips? Your answer was probably yes. We have all been there once. Nothing is more upsetting and annoying than putting on your favorite lip product and having it look awful because of the dry skin on your lips. Here are a few tips for a better lip application and result!

Exfoliating is the key to getting a super smooth and easy application for your lip product. I use Lush’s Mint Jewels Lip Scrub before I put on my lip product. The great thing about this lip scrub is that after you use it on your lips, you can lick the product right off! (It tastes good, trust me.) Also, if you don’t have a lip scrub, you can make one yourself! Just get a tiny container, put some SUGAR in it and then some coconut oil! If you don’t have any of those ingredients, just use your toothbrush! After brushing your teeth, use your toothbrush to gently take away all the dry skin on your lips! Make sure you don’t go too rough! I did that once, and I bled a little. After doing any of those methods, apply some lip balm onto your lips! VOILA, no more dry skin! After,you can apply your lip products on! It really works! Exfoliating your lips in the key to getting the perfect application.

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